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About Industrade Corporation:


Our Philosophy and Vision :


             Industrade Corporation was founded in early spring of 1987.

 Our  management  mission is to introduce advanced technology  with

professionalism, take the lead in the elevation of industrial prosperity, and

vow to reach the top of the industry with sustainable growth,  based on the

humanistic principle of "client happiness", "staff willingness",  and

"stockholder comfortableness". We are specialized in as followings, 

    - equipments / systems with plastic-related advanced technology,

    - food processing and packing machinery equipments,

    - other related materials and products.

For nearly 25 years,  we have been consistently following our management

philosophy of  "Integrity" , "Responsibility" , "Enthusiast", and " Innovation"

, as well as management guidelines of  " talent  training  and  retention ", "

disciplines establishment","new territory cultivation",and"prosperity sharing

".  We have been concentrating on managing our business with our full

attention and our feet on solid ground.

              Our whole team is eager to become" a quality enterprise group

 operating based on innovative capability and sustainable management, who

make contributions to related industries and the society".


Scope of Our Business:

● Advanced Technological Equipment and System for Plastic Peripherals

● Food Processing & Packaging Machinery

● Relevant Materials and Products


Our Business Lines:

● Plastic Division:

     。Hot Runner Moulding System --                      HEITEC / Germany

● Machinery Division:

     。Packaging Machinery

          ‧Vacuum Packaging System --                                       /

          ‧Non-Vacuum Packaging System --               ORIHIRO / Japan

     。Food Processing M / C:

          ‧Continuous Vacuum Filler --                   HANDTMANN / Germany

          ‧Smoking / Cooking House --                 MAURER-ATMOS / Germany

          ‧Cutter / Mixer / Grinder --                        SEYDELMANN / Germany

          ‧Fully Automatic Injector --                           FOMACO / Denmark

          Derinding, Skinning, Slicing M/C --                 MAJA / Germany

          ‧Slicer, Semi/Fully Auto. Dicer --                    HOLAC / Germany

          ‧Manual, Semi/Fully Auto. Clipper --    TIPPER TIE TECHNOPACK / Germany

          ‧A Reduction Machines for forzen Meat Block   MAGURIT / Germany

          ‧Sausage Cutting Machine --                          INOTEC / Germany

          ‧High Speed Slicing Machine --                      WEBER / Germany

● Material Division:

          ‧Compounded Phosphate --                   BK Giulini Chemie / Germany

          ‧Packaging Film /                                               Europe , Japan

          ‧Artifitical Casing /                                                    Europe

          ‧Clips & Wooden Chip /                                             Europe


Contact Us: 

Industrade Corporation

Add:  Room No. 202. No. 5, Wu Chuan 1 Road, Hsin Chung,

New Taipei City 24892, Taiwan.

TEL:  +886 2 2299 0316

FAX:  +886 2 2299 0535

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     Attn: Mr. James Su